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Welcome to ParagonTrails!

My name is Adam, and I’ve researched and produced all the content here on the website! I’m dedicated to providing everyone with the highest quality information about hiking, backpacking, camping, and other outdoor survival skills!

What I’ve come to know from my time spent canoeing, fishing, camping, and exploring the forests where I live here in Michigan, is that there’s just so much information needed to become a competent outdoor adventurer, and I’m always looking to learn more!

My dream is to build ParagonTrails into the ultimate information resource for our shared benefit and for everyone else in the future who finds their way here.

With that being said, here you’ll find informational articles on a wide variety of topics related to hiking, and product reviews on highly rated, popular, and durable hiking and backpacking equipment used by experienced adventurers on their journeys.

Please do enjoy your stay here! If you have any feedback on the website, or you have an article topic suggestion, I would love to hear from you! I work very hard to create high-quality content, and your feedback will definitely help to improve the quality of the website and most of all help people out on the trail.

You can always reach me at ContactParagonTrails@gmail.com with any questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, or you can leave a comment on any of the articles, and I’ll answer as soon as possible!

Thanks again, and have a wonderful day! Happy Trails!